A block matching game


Developer:  Blox Studio
Release date:  2 April 2020
Platform:  iOS
Website:  bloxgame.co
Regular Price:  FREE
Press / Business contact:  blox@bloxgame.co 


Blox is a minimalist, thoughtless match game designed to help humans zone out anywhere and anytime. It introduces a new, original and completely unique play mechanism that is designed to be easy to grasp, fast, and engaging.

To play you simply move or swipe the blocks to create matches of three. Moving a block will also move all the blocks with the same color and in the same direction. After each move new blocks are added to the grid, filling up the empty cells. Player’s goal is to create as many matches as possible to avoid a gridlock.

As intuitive and casual to play, the unique play mechanism of Blox makes it a strategic and thoughtful game as you continue playing it.



After years of designing and building various products for startups and corporations we decided it was the time to bring our expertise into game development. We started by looking at BLOX as an experiment on how to apply product development approach into mobile games. It took our team over two years of experiments and prototyping to build a game that is ultimately here to help humans refresh their minds.


Unique: a new and different gameplay 
Meditative: zone out and chill anywhere
Minimalist: let the eyes relax
Intuitive: easy to learn and master
Progressive: discover new layers
Strategic: thoughtless planning
Soothing: chill sounds and music

Other game features:

Players get one score for each block they match and the score for each game session is the total number of matched blocks.

Progress and levels
As the user’s highest score increases, new levels are unlocked and new game logics are applied, making Blox progressive and engaging for all levels of players.

Double tap to remove a block:  5 times allowed per game session
Shake phone to reshuffle the grid: 3 times allowed per game session

Daily rewards
Players receive a number of shortcuts every day they open the app


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About Blox Studio

Blox Studio is a creative and experimental game development studio led by a team of product designers and developers who set to bring a new mindset into the indie game scene. Led by Alvar Laigna and Amid Moradganjeh, Blox Studio aims to introduce a new set of mindfulness ambient games for the people who need to zone out and meditate. 

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