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A product design approach

After years of designing and building various products and services for startups, corporations, and ourselves we decided it was the time to bring our experience and expertise into game development. We started by looking at Blox as an experiment on how to apply the product  design and crafting approach to game development. 

Inventing the mechanism

There are many amazing match games out there. We wanted to create a mechanism and a play system that is unique and is able to serve a purpose. To get there we had to explore, iterate, learn, and rebuild the game play until we arrived at a point where we were confident about the play system and the feelings it creates.

Empathy driven

Similar to the experiences we design, we wanted to put people in the heart of our ideation and development process. This not only included a lot of testing and user feedback but also thinking about the values and desires of the humans we design for the game for. Blox is created to help people zone out – anywhere and anytime – and get back to life with a fresh mind.  

Our values

As a game development team we have three simple values:

1- We build games to add value to our player’s lives.
2- We design for sophisticated simplicity.
3- We care about the quality.

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